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Willie and Max

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Willie and Max have a build a bagger kit including batwing fairing and hard bags + mounts for the Stateline and Interstate, They'll even match OEM paint for a bit extra. Check their web site and click on build a bagger if your interested.
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whats the site ?
Yeah i posted about this in the shout box. Have talked with them already and will be ordering mine very soon. If you google Willy and max touring kit honda stateline you can see a pic of one that is for sale in california. looks really good on the bike.
according to the site, I haven't called them yet, they'll match your OEM paint on the bags and fairing for 2010 statelines and interstates. I just need to find out if the fairing will go on with my lightbar. Looks like it should.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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