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Where to buy parts

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I'm looking for the cheapest place to buy parts for my Interstate.
I'm looking in this order:
1 - Mirrors
2 - Passenger backrest (needs to fit also for Mustang seat)
3 - Mustang seat
4 - Exhaust
5 - FI programmer
6 - L.E.D.s
7 - Light bar

Any recommendations? I used Direct Line ( for my old VTX1300C but they seem to not list the VT1300 leaving me to wonder if something will fit.
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lol your not gonna find cheap for a ride this new..reasonable maybe if your lucky...idahokathey is pretty resourceful might shoot her a far as seeing if it will fit???hope ya got a good friend that will let you take off parts and see if it will match up
I had my dealer do all my winter projects this year. Not alot of options. Prices will not vary by much. I did Mustang seat, Backrest tall with Mustang pad, FI2000r tuner, Cobra intake, Take into consideration you have to buy the Sissy bar seperate, then the pad, then the brackets. Had the dealer install. Everything works and looks fantastic so I did not care about the $1600 dollar bill when I picked her up. Untill these bikes begin to sell more, and get a little older parts prices will not change. It will be awhile before you start seeing used parts on the classifieds.
Hey. Thanks for the cudos Dan. I bought my Arlen Ness mirrors at and also check out Bothsitez let you enter your make of bike.
Thanks for the info. I already started my order on Phat.

You should also check out motorcycle superstore and west end motorsports. I have gotten amazing deals from them botn.
I get a lot of my stuff drom Dennis Kirk. They ship same day, and will match any price you can show them. I'm in the Midwest, so I always get my parts second day with free shipping.

Sometimes parts don't show up as compatible with the Interstate- you have to go to the manufaturers site and find the part number. A lot of other VT parts fit, but these resellers don't know it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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