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where do you plan on riding this season?

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first weekend in may myself and bout 20 other riders plan on doing our own little iron ass ride..non-sanctioned..just doin it to be doin it
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No real plans, but I do ride back home fairly often, which is about 200-250 each way.
When I get bike back from shop, going to ride the local Florida Panhandle area and might ride out to Texas with my brother if he can get his money together. I might also ride up to Virginia/North Carolina for some Curvy's in August.
plan on doin an iron ass ride in a cpl months...for some reason im just asking for bleeding eye
all these views and very little comments
all these views and very little comments
FD - I know what you mean. I login here every day now, excited to see what everybody is up to. So . . . here goes.
We will be going to Glacier in August. The first day we are riding from ID to Eureka MT to spend the night. Then on from there to Glacier for 2 nights at the Lake McDonald Lodge which is located just inside the East Entrance. We will do the Going To The Sun Road for sure. Then on the fourth day we will ride to Quinns Hot Springs Resort which is near Plains, MT. After one night there, we will ride on to home!! If any one has any good tips for the trip, I would love to hear them!
lol pack some warm clothes...a rain suit.. tire repair kit, extra pair of gloves. The first week of august the wife and I are rideing to new orleans, think its bout 750 miles one way stay down there for 4 days or so then ride back. stop in memphis and get some bbq on beale street...yummy
I never know where the road might take me. I will say I plan on logging some serious miles this summer. I try to hit every poker run I can but I definately hit the same local 3 every year for sure. Rhonda's speak easy run, Ickey Nickel soldier run, and awesome biker nights run. Will be going to Sturgis with some friends this year. Will run needles highway and Custer State Park, Will cruise over to keystone for food one day, spend one day in town checking out the shops and vendors, shoot over to devils tower. Gonna be a blast.
sounds like its goin to be ... the wife and i have palnned a trip to new orleans first week of march..that will be her longest ride ever..hope shes a trooper? :huh:
Just bought my 2010 Stateline in June and I plan on putting some miles on it this summer and fall. I plan on a trip to Gulf Shores, AL and Pamama city Fl. then I will also put some miles local: Galinburg, Fall Creek falls, Devils Triangle, The Dragon, Helen GA, and of course as many times as I can to Jasper TN then through Whitwell and then to Dunlap down to Dayton and back home to Hixson on Hwy 27 (one of my favorite rides).
all these views and very little comments
If I can get some vacation I would love to take a ride home. I made the ride last year 13hrs one way 800 miles. I did that on my old 750 shadow I cant wait to ride my state line that far. (tenn.) Hell I may wait and do it in November and go deer hunting. But I dont know how I would get the deer back to VA. LOL
Still breaking her in but later this month I am planning a cruise around Lake Superior.
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