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the song began each episode

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Some brands use the The Office DVD camera's presence to their advantage. For example, "Christmas Party, Phyllis's boyfriend Bob Vance has repeatedly as" Bob Vance, Glee DVD Vance Refrigeration "in order to obtain publicity for his company. In other cases, the camera seems to have affected plots. The Big Bang Theory DVD In "Dundies" drunken Pam nearly recognizes something Jim, but avoids when he realizes the camera is still there. "Monitoring e-mail," Pam asked the team to help him look for evidence of the affair Dwight and Angela, who will then be regulated.The theme song for The Office was written by Lost DVD Jay Ferguson and performed by The Scranton. is played in the title sequence, which contains scenes of Scranton and various tasks in the office. Some episodes of the series uses a reduced version of the song. Since the fourth season, Grey's Anatomy DVD the theme is played over the closing credits, which previously drove in silence. Originally, the song began each episode. However, starting with the episode "Office Olympics", most episodes have begun with a cold open followed by the subject.
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