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Stateline vs. Stryker

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Hey All....

First off, I don't mean to start any kind of flame-war on Honda vs. Yamaha, that being said, I've been researching the Stryker over the past few weeks until I walked in to my local Honda Dealer (formerly dealing in Yamahas too). I was immediately drawn to the dark maroon monster that was the '10 Stateline they had on the floor. Now, I have not had a chance to ride either bike and I am coming from a Vstar 650. I've read some conflicting reviews on both bikes, but I guess that's how it goes for most bikes. I just wanted to hear from the actual owners and folks who enjoy the Stateline on daily basis. What am I in for? How is the handling and comfort on longer rides? I've read some slight issues on turning with the larger front tire and the wider handlebars (at least wider than a Star bike). I'm ready to buy in the next couple of weeks, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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i have zero complaints bout my interstate...well i take that back...i love riding it so much that it cost me a fortune in have had it exactly a year 1 month and 2 days..and i ashamed to say i have only ridin 5k miles...there are pros and cons to every said youread bout the turning? well exactly how tight do you plan on turning? hondas are 5 speed not sure bout the star? i know i have plenty of power to carry me and the wife where ever we this is just me being biest..but when i bought my bike i said to myself..self do you want ppl to look and stare B) or do you want ppl to point and laugh :lol: ... all in all i love my interstate and wouldnt trade it for anything :D
I have recently bought a Stateline and I love it. It soes take a little room to turn around But I have no complaints on the handling or comfort. I have only had my bike for a month and have put a little over 600 miles on it. I love my Stateline and am glad i chose it over the other models i was looking at. The only drawback I have found so far is there isn't a wide variety of aftermarket parts available yet being a newer model bike. But the parts are sure to come soon.
Thanks for the replies. I know it's not going to turn like a Ducati, Busa, or any other sport performance bike. I'm used to the wider turns from my Vstar. I have 3 dealers set for Friday to compare colors and prices.
I've had Stateline since last October. Zero complaint!

I was shopping among Yamaha,Honda, Kawa just like you but the moment I sat on the Stateline, it was so comfortable. I felt instantly at home :)

I haven't mod mine much. Just windshield, floorboards for me and my wife and a new Corbin seat.

Yes, it turns a little wide and takes some getting used to when Uturning and in parking lot. I often just power-walk if space is tight.
I hate my Stateline. Rides like shit and looks even worse.

Haha... Ya got me with your first line Abbotdog.
Pulled the trigger today. Pick up my Stateline tomorrow!
Pulled the trigger today. Pick up my Stateline tomorrow!
Congrats EMF1138! I'm currently in the same boat you are in. Right now, my options are between the V Star 1300 & 1100 and the Stateline. Hopefully in a few weeks, I will have a bike to ride soon as well. Enjoy your new ride! :D
I must say that so far I am thoroughly pleased with this bike. I went for a ride with a buddy today and hit 80 a few times and there was almost no vibration!!! Wow!! Insanely comfortable ride. Turning is a breeze too. Love it love love love love it!
good choise,you cant go wrong with a honda :rolleyes:
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