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You and yours ever get over this way we will do a run up there then you can head over to our coast for some more great sight seeing.
I'm going to hold you to that! :D

My new job starts tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to take some time off next summer and take some more trips like we did this summer. There are a lot of destinations on our "list"! :D

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Any time you decide to get this way just holler and I can get some rides set up.
Could start you out at Crater Lake then on over to the Redwoods in northern Cal
then on up the Coast of Oregon on 101 for the coastal sights (summer temps on the coast are cool 50-60) or you could head south and cross the Golden Gate.

I looked at the map and it would be one heck of a trip over through Salt Lake then to Reno Nevada across to lake Tahoe then to Sacramento then on to Frisco across the Golden Gate up the coast to the redwoods then over to Crater Lake from there down through south and east to Salt Lake then back over to Colorado.

You would hit all types of riding terrain
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