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Phantom Neutral

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Anybody else hit this on their new bikes yet? I was out riding yesterday and after turning onto an old 2 lane highway I was hammering through the gears when I hit the Phantom Neutral (the one between 4th and 5th). Hit this a few times on my old VTX and have heard of others hitting it as well. I am sure it is for lack of follow through on the shift on my part but was just wondering if anybody else has hit it yet. To error is human but at least I have not done it between 1st and 2nd when leaving a red light in heavy traffic... :lol:
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I hit that spot a couple times. The first time I chocked it up to getting used to shifting with my heal instead of my toe on the heal/toe shifter. The second time was after I tightened up my clutch so that I only have to squeeze it a wee bit to shift. For some reason I keep trying to make the fastest shifts possible just before my rev limiter kicks in. I even got the front tire to break free of the ground once. Not much, but it definitly came up off the pavement enough to feel it.
Not yet, but there has been a couple times when I was close, felt it just barely sneak into 5th.
I also have found this "phantom neutral". It is between 4th and 5th. My dealer adjusted the clutch also, but I can still, from time to time feel it while shifting. As long as I follow through with my shift, I dont hit it. Unfortanetly, I am glad to hear that this is a wide spread issue. I don't race through the gears as some of you do, but, try following through with your shifting and see if that helps. In other words, show the shifter who the boss is :)
nope never have even heard of it
I've also hit it a few times. Glad it isn't just me.
I think I found it on a down shift zipping through on some twisties came upon a slightly right almost vertical incline tried to drop from 4Th to 5Th quick and neutral.
looked quick and the bikes started bunching up behind me so I down shifted two more and popped up the hill.
I hope it never happens on a straight away
had it once but it was 100% down to me not changing proply i wouildnt worry cos they can all do that..........
I haven't encountered this yet but did feel the hesitation a few times from 4th to 5th. On those occasions, I had to completely reclutch and shift again then it was fine.
Haven't had this happen to me yet but I would like to comment about the gears. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell if I am in 5th gear or 4th. At low rpm's there is hardly a difference. After about 1000 miles I am getting use to it.
Yep, happened to me. Thought it was weird and that it was me (vs the bike). Glad to know I am not the only one who experienced this.
Just saw this post and had to reply. I found that neutral spot also. It was between fourth and fifth. I was thinking I had gotten a lemon. Glad to know it wasn't just me. It's only happened the one time but now I will be more aware if it happens again.
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