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My Sabre

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cut off peg flush with lever, drilled 1/4" hole, painted flat black, installed peg for a harley to match the foot pegs.

installed HID headlight kit, 41mm fork clamps, mini silver bullets from kuryakyn.

accutronix side mount for the fury fits our bikes also :), cut stock liscense plate holder flush with the bottum of the stock plate light.

Scyth II mirrors, transformer grips, transformer throttle assist, master cyclinder and clutch perch cover all from kuryakyn.
also have the fi2000 from cobra set at 3-2-3, cobra swept exhaust, accutronix intake adaptor with spike intake.
any questions just hit me up.
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Good looking bike, welcome to the new forum.
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I like it!! Welcome to the VT forum and I hope you stick around and post up some more tips and tricks about that model as you learn them! :)
Very Cool, I like :D
Yeah, those new Sabers are real nice. I wanted one, but then I wanted a fatter front tire, then I decided I wanted a shield, bags and floorboards before I had to add on aftermarkets, so I got an Interstate. The Blue ain't bad either
That is a nice looking scoot. How does the wiring run on that license plate bracket? Did you just run it under the drive shaft? Wondering if the Horizontal one will fit under hard bags or not. Pretty cool...
Nice mods. I'm looking at buying a Sabre soon. Have you rode any twisties yet to see how the extended wheelbase affects the turning or lean?
Nice looking ride!
so far the 2011 sabre is only in blue with a color matched frame
so far the 2011 sabre is only in blue with a color matched frame
So far with all the calls and investigating I have done it seems that they are NOT making the 2011 in black and currently they are only planning a blue for this year also. Sigh! Means I have to push really hard to get the 2010 sitting in the showroom in the black.
The word I got was that if they didn't make the black for a few years it would increase the value of the bike because it was a limited run color and everyone likes black. Honda is wanting the Sabre to hold it's value strongly just like most Harley's do. (I don't know how reliable that is but it is what I was told from a rep at Honda Corporate)
Nice accessories! Where'd you get the mirrors at?
Like the bike. Especially the intake and mirrors. Been trying to find an intake that my knee won't bump against. Does your legs clear that intake pretty good. Was thinking about them same mirrors too on must stateline.
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