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Ignition pulse generator

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Hi I'm a new owner and am having some problems with my 1300. I have a good battery and brand new plugs but can't get any spark from the coils. Have check the ICM by putting it in another bike and it started fine. Does anyone have a suggestion of what might be wrong. I started the bike to move it to the cover and that's the last time it started. :(
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I had a problem with my Interstate when it was new. Turned out to be that one of the screws on the battery was loose and was only making intermitant contact with the battery.(it's covered so you can't see it) I ended up stuffing some paper behind the nut and then tightened it. Now all is well. It may appear as if the screws are in, but check the back to make sure the nuts haven't been pushed back to a point where the screw wont grab the threads.
Just starting with the simple stuff, is the kickstand down? Is the kill switch on? If no to those then I would double check the battery connections and report back.

You didn't say, is it turning over at all?
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