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If you use Sprint/Nextel cell service check this thread on how to save 25%!!
Below is how you can try and get 25% off your Sprint cell worked for me. I will post a summary of what I did and the links below are for reference on how I did it...

1) Go to AOL/AIM and register for a free email:

2) Visit this link and register:

(account name is your name)

(mobile number is your number)

(company: Cox Enterprise)

(work email: the AIM email you just opened)

(personal email: your personal email besides you AIM email)

3) Submit

4) Check the email in a day or so for approval

Once approved you will see the discount on next next bill or 2 months MAY have to renew you contract to get the discount so read the terms, also read these links for any questions.
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