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Hi everyone Rich here. I just wanted to show off my custom turn signals.​
I bought them on ebay from pshyco-moto check out his store.​
I used aluminum flat stock I bought at Lowes to make a couple of brackets​
I replaced the nut supplied with the turn signals and used a Teflon lock nut to keep it from getting loose.​
I also did the same for the brackets I made.The brackets attach to the original mounting location of the turn signals.​
I tried using the original bolt for the turn signals but I lost one and replaced it with a 6 mm Allen bolt.​
I cut the wiring harness from the original turn signals and used butt splice connectors to make it a plug n play connection.​
This is what the brackets look like and how the turn signals look after installed.​
Let me know what you think.​


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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