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Hello from Va

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I thought I would drop in and say Hi. :) HI!!!
My name is Frank and I purchased my VT1300ct (Interstate) back in May. I gotta tell you, I am really pleased with it. I hav'nt made any changes or mods to it yet except for the tall back-rest, but on the list is the Cobra exhaust and Fi unit. Not sure about the breather yet. Also I am waiting for Corbin to release thier new line of seats for the VT1300 series. Also I want to add passenger floorboards, luggage rack, Engine Gaurd, Driving Lights, Badlands Run, Turn Stop Module . There are other things I would like to do as well, but just have to wait and see. All in all though, I think the bike rides and runs great.
I'll get a pic or two posted soon.
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Welcome to the site! Please post up some photos, curious to see what changes people will be making to their bikes.
I have the cobra slash down pipes, I2000R FMS and air intake on mine, love it. Has that perfect growl (better the Harleys, without a doubt) and the powerflow air intake channels the air into the injectors so the faster you go the more effective it gets. I have a Mustang seat W/Backrest on order. Should ship soon (I hope)

Wish I knew how to post photos on this site. The insert image icon just asks for a website and I dont have one.
Welcome to the club Mank.... B)

I'm sure you'll love the bike so much............... you'll never part with it!

Unless you find a nice black Kawasaki,
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