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Hello from Big-X

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Just wanted to welcome new members to the site, hope everyone here enjoys the site. I live outside Charlotte NC, ride a 2003 1800S and my wife has a 2004 1300 shown in the signature line.

More to come later.
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Wow. Feels kinda like walking into a new empty house. Empty with a funny echo, but you can see lots of potential.

Best wishes on the new forum.
This was what it was like on the Cafe back in
This was what it was like on the Cafe back in
Havin' a lot of trouble imagining the cafe empty.
VTX rider from MI signing in to welcome all of the VT owners-- looks like a sweet bike! I hope you all like your VT's as much as I do my VTX!!
I'm still newbin' it Ray!

edit: well damn with this post I just went from newb to member ( 40 months later lol )
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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