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geek and socially awkward as friends

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Located in Pasadena, California, The Big Bang Theory DVD the show revolves around five characters: two geniuses roommate Caltech Lost DVD physicist Leonard Hofstadter experimental and theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper, his neighbor across the hall from Penny, a blonde waitress Grey's Anatomy DVD and aspiring actress and Leonard and Sheldon's geek and socially awkward as friends and colleagues Howard Wolowitz, Glee DVD
an aerospace engineer and a PhD from the non-JPL, and Koothrappali Rajesh, a postdoc particles also works Caltech astrophysicist. The geekiness and intelligence of the four guys are contrasted with the comic effect with social skills and common Penny sense.Three minor characters were also promoted to the rank of the key players for a few episodes: House MD DVD Leslie Winkle, a Caltech colleague Leonard Sheldon and Raj, Bernadette, a microbiology student who works part-time as a waitress and Amy Penny Farrah Fowler, a friend of Sheldon.
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