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G'day All

My name's Ant and I'm in Australia. Are there any other Aussies here??

I took delivery of my 1300CS last week (its not called a Sabre here, just a VT1300CS). So far it's bloody awesome! But it has been raining every day since I picked it up so I've mainly just been looking at it!

I've been riding since I was a teenager, I've had Katanas, Shadows, an Elsinor.... a few over the years, though I haven't had anything for the last 5 years or so so this new Honda is a welcome addition to my lifestyle!

I'm keen to do a variety of mods to it so I welcome suggestions from people on what mods are cool, what's worthwhile, and which are the best places online to look for accessories (parts variety is not that good here in Oz so I'm keen to buy online from overseas).

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