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What octane gas do you have to use in the honda interstate
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you can use 87 octane. Thats what it was designed for, but I usually run mid grade 89 octane in mine. We have a station about 7 miles from me that has ethanol free gas too if your willing to pay for it, but the fuel injection system can handle ethanol just fine. Most the folks I know who have ethanol problems have carburated bikes. Just make sure you fill your tank to the top and put some fuel stabalizer in it if your going to let it sit for an extended period.
YEs, Honda engines like good ol 87 octane just fine.
I was told by the dealer to use PREMIUM only (91 Octane)... I have used it for about 700mi now, would it be good idea to switch ? I have a stateline....
Mine calls for 87 or higher, I run the midgrade, usually 89. 91 isn't going to hurt anything, but is probably a waste of money.
Take some Beano and your gas problems might go away. :lol:
nothing but 89 goes in mine..unless i find the 91 on sale lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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