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Gas mileage question from new member/owner

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Hi guys (and/or gals), newly registered forum user, and new Stateline owner. I upgraded from a 2003 Honda Sabre to the Stateline, and I love the bike so far, but I was hoping to get some input from you guys on what you have been getting as far as average miles to a tank of gas. I really didn't know what to expect, but when I was pulling into my garage the other day, the low fuel light came on and the odometer registered 101 miles. I would usually stop to get gas around the 130 mile mark (give or take) on my Sabre so I was a little surprised by how low the mileage is for the light to come on. I do realize that the bike is still in the break-in period, and when I road it home from my dealer about 40 miles away it was only about 48 degrees out, but I just assumed with the more efficient fuel injection, that it was going to be a little farther along before the light came on. Also, how far do you usually get once the light comes on? Thanks.
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I just finished my second full tank on my Interstate- both right at 140 miles when the light came on. My first tank (from the dealer) was short, they didn't fill it all the way up.
same here..if i mostly town riding i only get bout 100-110
I had 135?136 miles on a tank and the light still did not come on. I've been getting about 41MPG with 400 miles on the 2010 Interstate. First tank I got about 35MPG, they get better as they break in. I don't abuse it, but I make use of almost all that is there :D
Also depends what type of gas you run. You can run regular unleaded, but I actually run midgrade in mine. I notice a difference both in performance and milage with the midgrade. I get about 2 more miles per gallon on the midgrade then I do on the regular. From midgrade to high test I didn't see any difference in milage although the bike performed a bit better then on midgrade. Midgrade 89 octane seems to be the best overall IMHO. The bike performance is rock solid and I pull about 42 mpg. I have a full Cobra package on my bike though, so milage is probably higher with the stock pipes/intake/fuel management system.
I run 91 in my bike and I get between 120 and 130 before the light comes on. I also fill my bike all the way up at the pump. Sit on saddle and keep bike upright and fill just into the neck. As for how many miles you get once the light comes on im not really sure, I am guessing about 20. I DONT pass a station when my light is on.
I use premium. Light often comes on around 100 (mixed inside and freeway) but then when I go refill the tank will only take around 2.5 gallons before the pump clicks off.
So my average mpg is right at 40.
Thx for this post. I was wondering the same thing.
I get 35-36 mpg with premium and 36-38 with mid-grade. This made no sense to me, but I ran 3 tanks of each (alternately) and got the same results. My reserve light goes on btwn 118 and 121 miles.
from what I understand the idiot (fuel) light is supposed to come on at .9 of a US gallon. I've only seen the light twice though. Most times I just pull in and top off when I get around 100 miles, by then I'll need a drink, a smoke or a pee anyway. I live in Florida, it gets hot, so I drink and pee alot. ;)
Sorry, been away for a few days. Thanks for all the answers, seems like it varies bike to bike with undoubtedly differing reasons causing the variance. Gives me some hope after I am the one to fill it up next that it will go up a little bit. Now to start planning on getting a backrest installed for wifey, wish they didnt have to drill thru that beautiful rear fender to install it. Maybe I can find one for the bike with a built in passenger backrest.

Go with a Corbin seat like I did. It has a VERY sturdy backrest that you can move from passenger to driver when your wife is not riding with you.

I just got mine and like it a lot. No holes in fender!
I just got my 2010 Stateline from the dealer yesterday with "A full Tank" at least thats what they told me, I ride for 127 miles before the light went on, I stop at a Gas station at 132 mi and fill it up with Premium Gas all the way up to the neck (3.405 Gallons) at $4.259 = $14.50 dollars. I did the math (Which i was never good at math) and this is what I came up with:
Riding the bike between 65 m/h and 80 m/h pushing 100 m/h for few seconds a couple of times (abt 5 times) = 38.77 mi/gal
I am 5.5 and I weight 152 Lbs and the bike has no windshield or accesories yet. This results must vary if you are taller, heavier, have a windshield, saddle bags etc I would asume.
I get about 130 till the light comes on mixed highway and street. The one thing I can tell you from experiance is once the light comes on your safe to ride 10 miles maybe 15 I got exactly 20 miles then ran out of gas.
I have been getting 44 to 46 mpg with my 2010 stateline.It's stock and with mid grade gas..
I have been getting 44 to 46 mpg with my 2010 stateline.It's stock and with mid grade gas..
I feel really blessed. From day one, I have ALWAYS gotten 45 mpg +- a 1/2 mpg on my Interstate. I use regular unleaded and my light ALWAYS comes on at 160 miles. Now with that being said, I don't know the riding habbits of any of you, but I do not ride hard. On occasion, I might get on it from the stop, and might even run it up to about 90+- but for the most part (99% of the time) I ride it like a cruiser, not a rocket. :) Call me old (better not, you'll be there one day :)) but I just like to take my time. Hell, I even look for a longer route to work now, just to enjoy the ride.
Thought I'd bump this up with my two cents.....

For one thing I'm on a Sabre and after a few tanks I average 40 MPG with mixed highway/street and 49 with mostly highway. That's on lower grade gas. I'm now gonna try out a few tanks of mid grade and see if anything changes.

Oh and BTW, My light comes on when I've gone through 3.5 gallons...
I use midgrade. Light usually comes on about 149. After refill I reset trip odo 2 to 0 so I don't think about it. Easier than trying to remember the milage
My new 2010 Stateline purchased from dealer 29 SEP 2011.

My experience with gas mileage is as follows:

1st tank (not quite full from dealer) w/10% ethanol ......... 35 mpg
2nd tank (now ethanol free) ................................. 40 mpg
3rd tank (still " " ) ................................. 44 mpg
4th tank ( " " " ) ................................. 48 mpg

Now have 504 miles on odometer. I have sort of "babied" her during break-in, shifting to 2nd @ ~20mph, 3rd @ 30, 4th @ 40, and 5th @ 50-60, while trying not to lug the engine.

It's almost time for 1st service,(oil change,valve check) and almost time to bed her down for winter.

I hope this helps, and any advice/tips will be much appreciated from this newbie VT owner.
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