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Ok, so I'm wiring up my speaker/amp system that I have used on ever bike for years now. First off, who thought that 1 1/4" bars was a good idea? Let's just be different! SO I had to use new clamps.

In the fusebox, on the forward end, there is an empty slot with just 1 connection marked (o.p.). Does anyone know what it is for? It has power with the ignition, and it would be perfect to use for my amp. I was hoping it stands for Other Parts!
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That's the terminal I used for the LED lights on the lower cowl spoiler I installed on my Stateline, used a 10 amp fuse . Honda supplied a fuse terminal end which just pushes into the terminal strip from the back side of the fuse box to use the fuse . :D It's a good spare terminal to use any way you want to attach to it.
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