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FI2000r ???????

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If any of you have a FI2000R installed on your Stateline, Sabre, or Interstate please tell me the settings you are using. Mine is currently at 1-2-0 but that is the factory setting for just an exhaust system. I have the powerflo intake installed as well. Any suggestions? I have contacted Cobra and am waiting for a response. Any help would be great.
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I purchased my Cobra powerflow air intake, I2000R and pipes through the dealer when I bought my bike. I just took it down and had them install everything when the parts came in. They tuned the I2000R and also covered the whole cobra system under the warranty with the rest of the bike.

I do know that power commander makes a fuel management system that can be manually installed and mapped at home. It's not part of a system though and is an after market stand alone product that can be used with any after market pipes or air intakes. I thought about getting one of those at first, but in the end decided to keep the entire set up Cobra since the dealer was putting them on. If I were going to do it myself, I would have gotten the power commander.

The good thing about getting all your after market stuff through the dealer is you can just add it to the financing of the bike at purchase. Your dealer can get anything you can and when they put it on it's covered under the warranty.

I'll go out and check the settings tomorow though and post them for you. Can't guarantee that your settings will be the same though, but they probably are.

PS: Hope your seat comes in soon, your ass will love you for it, and get some highway bars and adjustable pegs. You'll thank me later, specially if your seat has a rider backrest you can lean up against as your feet are on the pegs. You can ride all day and feel like you just got up off your recliner at the end. I wouldn't give up my heal toe shifter for anything either. Nothing like shifting in the middle of a tight turn and coming out of it at light speed. Hard to do that with a toe shifter. It feels like spurring your horse after you get used to it.
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OK Abbotdog, if your looking at the I2000R and the name I2000R is at the top and the openning is at the bottom from left to right my screwdriver (no arrows) hashes are lined up between the 1-7, 2-8 and 0-6. Hope this helps. Since there are no arrows you may have to play with them a bit to get them sequenced. Your either pointed at the 1 or the 7 on the first. Curse them for not having an arrow on one end of the hash to know for certain which number your on. Good luck and let me know if this helps.

If my math is right you have at least 18 veriables and it could take some time to get it right.
Yours is set to the exact same that mine is. 1-2-0. Thanks for the input.
Did you ever get this figured out Abbotdog? How do you like your set up so far?
As for now I am leaving the settings alone. The bike is running great. If I decide to dyno it then I will worry about top end but I dont need to be racing around at 100+ anyway. I love my bike and cant wait to do more. My next purchase is going to be the Willie and Max touring upgrade kit. If you have not checked it out, you should.
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