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Mustang Seat with backrest (recommended)
Honda Light Bar (recommended)
Cobra pipes, powerflow air intake, I2000r fuel management system (recommended)
Sheepskin Seat pad by (recommended)
Breakaway Throttle Lock (recommended)
Battery Tender (recommended)

other stuff, suit yourself

I use black shoe polish and brush to take care of saddlebags.

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Bike looks really good...
Thanks Abbotdog, sorry you have to weather winter without a ride, but I used to live up in Minnesota and understand. I really don't care for the square sissy bar and will probably replace it with a Cobra round sissy bar eventually and would like to replace the bags with Corbin (color coded) Beatlebags when they come out. I would also like a pair of lower air deflectors for up front and maybe even a bigger windshield, but those are things that can wait awhile. I bought this for long rides and realized up front I would have to make trade offs between looks and comfort. The square sissy bar is for strapping on luggage not for supporting a passanger.
Upon dropping my bike off for winter storage I ordered the Cobra Intake (black of course) and the FI 2000 fuel management tuner. I also ordered the brackets and the Low backrest with a Mustang Daytripper seat. Keep going back and forth on whether or not to get the rear carrier. Also told the shop when the brackets and backrest arrive that I need to get those parts as I am having Femco (a local shop) powder coat those items black. Winter projects are so much fun... B)
Heya Abbotdog this is a photo of my phantom, notice the cobra highwaybar, round siisy bar aand luggage rack are all flat black, not sure if they make them black for the Stateline, but wouldn't hurt to check into it.

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Contacted Cobra and Honda and Neither company will be making black parts for the new 1300 line.(Bummer) Ordered some parts and am having a local shop powder coat them black for me...Bike in storage for the season at my local shop and they are doing the work while they have it. I will post new pics as added.
cool let me know how the powder coating works out and what it costs.

Also wouldn't hurt to check into a switchblad shield for your bike. Clips on and off in seconds so you can reconfigure the bike for long rides or looks depending on your agenda.
I am thinking about buying the Fairing from Not sure though. I wish they still made the headlight cowl for the VTX models cuz I think that would look sick on my bike...
will it fit?
i bought a full fairing from i will post a pic i really like but it wasnt fabricated for my bikebut with some modification im pretty sure its goin to work
I would just like to find some lower air deflectors for my Interstate. Not sure if I want to go the fairing route. Most I have seen don't extend out to cover the hands anyway and for me the whole purpose of a fairing would be to keep my hands warm. Lowers will reduce wind buffeting enough for me and my pipes are so loud the wind noise problem is a non-issue.
Dam Dan, I'm jelous. That looks good, did they put the paint on for you?

On the home front, My bike is waiting for a tow to the shop as I type this. Wont start, did the at home troubleshooting, but I'm pretty sure the Cobra I2000R tuner crapped out on me. I'm bummed out to say the least. :angry:
no sir i got a blank canvas and went to town...n.a.p.a. matched the paint for bought a $50 gun and shot it myself..didnt turn out perfect but hey it was my first does delfect the majority of the i can still hear the radio over my pipes on the interstate or highway


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well i hope your not of the road for to long brother..remeber to keep the tires pavement side down
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