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Clutch cable came off

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Out putting some miles on the Interstate at about the 125 mile mark, left a stop light, shifted into 2nd gear and as I did it felt and sounded like the clutch cable broke. Pulled into a parking lot and shut it down. Found that the cable came out of the holder on the arm down by the oil dipstick. Didn't look like it pulled through or anything,nothing seemed broke. I put it back where it belongs and had to adjust the cable at the bars a bit to take out the excess end play (about 3 turns). Rode it another 50+ miles through corners and stops, so I was working the clutch and all seems well. Not sure what happened??? I suspect the little holder for the cable end was not quite right and when it finally pulled straight to where it should be there was enough slack for it pop out??? Any ideas??
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that is let your dealer know bout it for sure..i always do a thorough once over before i go for a ride but have never noticed that the cable would've been in a bind...keep us posted
when I got my interstate the clutch cable was a bit loose, you can tell by how far you have to pull it (the lever)in to engage the clutch plate. I tightened it down, now I just have to pull it about half an inch to shift. I keep everything optimized for the fastest and easiest shift sequence I can get out of it. Having a heal/toe shifter rocks for fast shifting, even in turns. Love the floorboards too, but I know I could have higher chicken stripes if I didn't have them on.
I'll definitely let them know about it. Clutch adjustment seemed fine up to then, no excess end play. After my first post, I went back out and put on another 20 miles using the clutch a lot for stops and corners and it worked just fine. Still not sure what happened, my first theory is all I got. will keep posted of any changes. Other than the small clutch thing (took all of two minutes to fix) I'm loving the new ride.
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