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Cannot create member album

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When I attempt to add photos of my Sabre to member albums, I get a block that tells me I cannot create an album. Why? I am registered, and I have followed your directions from this forum. I can get there, but I am not allowed to create an album.
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I'll check and see...I think I know what's up but let me double check.
I also followed the instructions and could not create a gallery. :blink:
Same problem for me. I wanted to posted a picture, but can't figure it out. I see no option to post a photo and it won't let me create a new album.
I have had this issue - You just have to Select a GLOBAL Album (when it Asks you) do not use the DEFAULT and then select from one of the three choices



Add Album Name and Description

At PARENT ALBUM - Select Either Member Gallery - Member Misc - or Sabre, Stateline etc... (I Select Member Gallery)

Then Public Private Choices - That is i!!
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