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  1. General Motorcycle Chat & News
    Hello All, Looking to establish rapprt with a Honda Service shop. I live in Brooklyn. Shops here a couple of shops I've tried here do not seem to regard you as a human being unless you are kicking tires on the show floor, to put to mildly. Last shop I've been using is Action Yamaha in...
  2. General Motorcycle Chat & News
    I came across this video that talks about winterizing your bike. It doesn't really address our bikes directly, but it's well produced and has some good general information.
  3. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Hi guys. I just had my 4,000 mile service done at my local dealer. $137 out the door. Don't know if that's high or not, but they *did* do an oil change along with it (despite it not being required per Honda). I'm okay with that though... Keep things clean and running right. FWIW - They're...
1-3 of 3 Results