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  1. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Hello! I recently purchased some of Chief's Risers for my Sabre and am getting ready to install them. I have the new brake line installed and have rerouted the clutch cable behind the triple tree. Does anyone have any information about rerouting the throttle cables behind the triple tree...
  2. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Hello, Do you know if longer ABS brake cable exist now for the Sabre 2011? I would like to buy the 3" riser and I think it's necessary to change the brake cable. Is it really the case? Thanks Danny
  3. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    My previous post on this was getting too long, thought I would post this for anyone wanting pullback risers without needing to change stock lines or cables. These have a 3" rise and 1.5" pullback. Instructions were really good, have to route all the cables behind the tree, so clutch cable has...
  4. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    I'm looking into getting an 8° triple tree on my sabre but read that by doing this, I would have to lower my rear suspension. That's fine, I think it would add to the look of the intended mod. Also, the triple tree comes with handlebar risers - guess I'll have to add them as well. Now, I'm...
  5. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Wanted to share pictures of my Sabre with new found risers! Have been searching high and low for something that would help with the "lean forward" position of the stock bars. These can be found at I've had my eye on a Sabre since they first came out and as I'm sure...
  6. For Sale
    I have a set of risers that will work on VT1300 Interstate years 2010 and up. As of this posting no company currently makes a set of risers for the Interstate. This set was ordered from Scootworks for the Honda VTX1300C, but with minor modifications they will work for the VT1300 Interstate...
1-6 of 6 Results