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  1. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    Hey All! Just purchased a 2010 Stateline the other day to pacify my intense need to get back on a bike. I had a GSXR 750 back in college as a commuter vehicle. Bad idea as some old lady pulled out in front of me one day and that was the end of that. Luckily, I survived but was gun shy about...
  2. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    Just picked up a 2012 Stateline with abs and love the bike.. It was bought as a gift that scared the hell out of the guy so he just parked it. Only had 800 kms when I got it, over a 1000 now. Like a lot of others I read about here, it's time to make it mine. Already put floorboards on for...
1-2 of 2 Results