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  1. General Motorcycle Chat & News
    Where can I get a LED or Halogen headlight
  2. General Motorcycle Chat & News
    Looking for the longevity of LEDs, as well as less draw on the battery, I'm considering these: 1156: Rear Turn Signal LEDs 1157: Front Run/Turn Signal LEDs...
  3. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Has anyone put any LED light effects on their bike? if so how did it turn out, where did you put them, where did you order them from, did you use LED's or SMD's. I was going to order from a company called but I am not sure which lights to get or how many of them to get. Also if...
  4. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    So I wanted to take all the stuff off the rear end of the Stateline. Didn't like the bulky turn signals, brake light etc. Found a Sabre rear fender, and put it on without doing the T-mod. Still debating on whether to do that or not. The fiancee bought me the brake light bar fender kit from...
1-4 of 4 Results