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  1. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    Steve G. from Haddonfield, Camden County. Been riding for 55 years. Getting pretty good at it now... I have a 2011 Interstate, my 4th Honda. All of them have been great!
  2. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Hopefully quick question. Does anybody know if the Interstate has the same passenger peg mounting points as the Stateline or Fury. I would imagine that the Sabre is similar. The reason I ask is I am going to swap out the bags and brackets for harley. Problem is the passenger foot pegs for the...
  3. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    I just purchased a Service Manual for my Interstate. Thanks to StPete for pointing me to his past post on where he bought one. I see that they have the Manuals for both the Interstate and the Stateline and thought I would provide the links for anyone else who is looking for one. Here is the...
  4. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Soooooo I'm going to ask a seemingly dumb question....I have a 2013 Interstate. I was looking at the Hard Krome exhaust for the Interstate, and they say they only go up to 2012. Wouldn't that still work for the 2013 since it is the same bike with the same engine? I wasn't about to dump $500+...
  5. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Hey, everyone. I am new to this forum, and I thought I might join the community. I have owned my Interstate for a little over a year now, and I love the thing. One of my only complaints is the dynamic lean angle. She sits mighty low unfortunately. My other complaint is the handlebars. I am...
  6. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    Hey all, I am Dan and I am from North East Florida, and I am currently shopping for my first bike. I have gone out and looked and sat on a lot of different bikes and so far the Honda seems to be the most consistently comfortable bike. I have not ridden any yet as I still need my basic riders...
  7. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    What's going on everyone. I'm a newbie from MD with my first cruiser. I picked up a 2015 Honda Interstate on Memorial Day weekend and already capped 500 miles. This is after owning my first bike back in October last year. I must say I'm glad my wife stumbled across this forum, because I see...
  8. For Sale
    Spring is coming B) I had the following on my 2010 interstate. Prices listed below or best offer... Hard Krome Dual Radius Pipes (i understand will also fit sabre, fury, stateline) $350 CalScience Windshields: clear, medium $100 and the dark, shorty $50 Hotop Mirrors $40...
  9. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    Name is Mike Wood, and just purchased my first Interstate. It's a 2014 and have started the 'required' upgrades. Have installed the Ram mount for my phone and cup holder. Waiting on the windshield bag to get delivered, and am looking for more info on the proper sissy bar/luggage rack to apply...
  10. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    well its been awhile update since new total miles 1073 so far this bike is smooth it literally rides by its self , this bike is lighter then the boulevard c50 I still have the boulevard , I enjoy this bike a lot cant wait to ride it when the rain stops . anyway just a update I haven't been...
  11. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Hi, I'm looking for a detachable sissy bar for my 2011 interstate but have not been able to find any. The Paladin apparently only makes them for previous models. Any suggestions?
  12. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    I have been out of the saddle for over 20yrs and always promised myself that once my youngest (twins) started driving I was going to get back on a bike. March 18th they started driving and when June rolled around I made a deal on a new 2013 Interstate at Mountain Motor Sports in Kodak Tn. The...
  13. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    My Hard Krome Dual Radius pipes just arrived (along with new crush gaskets), courtesy of (fantastic company to deal with by the way). This will be my first time installing an exhaust system. Does anyone have any tips to share? I had a friend tell me to make sure I clean the...
  14. For Sale
    Like brand new condition Mustang Tripper Fastback Seat that fits 2010-2013 VT1300C, Sabre, Stateline and Interstate. Just purchased 2011 Interstate w/ ~3K miles on it. I loved the seat, which made the bike look sleek, but not too comfy for the wifey. So I bought the Mustang Wide Touring...
  15. Home made 'lowers' for my 2012 Interstate VT1300

    Stopped the buffeting completely.... cost about 20 bucks in materials.
  16. For Sale
    selling vt1300 interstate mustang seat with backrest. call 214 578 2402 350.00 also have rush exhaust pipes chrome with slash tips 400.00 dallas area
  17. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    I'm ready to order the Dual Radius kit, for my Interstate, but I came across a Facebook page with a link to a VTX forum saying that there are problems with the exhaust and the heat shields cracking and HK not backing up their product. Anyone have good or bad feedback?
  18. For Sale
1-20 of 24 Results