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  1. Small broken pieces

    Small broken pieces that connect to the forks.
  2. 20170525 071603 HDR

    Front picture with fender removed.
  3. Stop by and say hello...introduce yourself.
    I'm new to the site and a proud owner of a new Saber 1300. I am wanting to order the Low and Mean rear fender/light kit and was wondering if anyone had a coupon code. I know there are some out there as when I go to purchase, it asks for one. Anyone have some suggestions or insights?
  4. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    So I wanted to take all the stuff off the rear end of the Stateline. Didn't like the bulky turn signals, brake light etc. Found a Sabre rear fender, and put it on without doing the T-mod. Still debating on whether to do that or not. The fiancee bought me the brake light bar fender kit from...
  5. Front fender mud flap

    This is a mudflap made from plastic cutting board bought at target. Used industrial Velcro to attach.
1-5 of 5 Results