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  1. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    So I ordered some Cobra 3" slip-ons with the billit slash down tips. The question being is baffles in or out. I do not have a programmer.. . yet. Gotta talk the wifey into letting me spend on that. This purchase was kinda a surprise she let me do.
  2. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    Gotta question and would love some input from folks smarter than me! 2015 Stateline, about to install Cobra Speedster Longs, Cobra PowrFlo air intake kit and do some cosmetic beautification (batwing, paint, etc.). So wondering if anyone has installed the Cobra Fuel Processor, either the Tripot...
  3. For Sale
    I just bought this 17" Cobra Square Sissy Bar and it will not mount to the bike as the Honda saddle bag mounting brackets are in the way. I can't return this to the vendor as I was trying to see if i could make it work and there's now "appearance of installation" on the mounting bracket. This...
  4. For Sale
    I am selling my Cobra Saddlebag supports for the Honda Stateline. I ended up buying the OEM brackets. The supports are used and a little scuffed. The sale includes the supports ( part # 02-6136) and the mounting kit ( part # 02-6136M ) plus all hardware. They retail new for 134.90 for both. I...
  5. Silly wife

    Wife in the Tiki Tina board.
  6. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    I purchased the Cobra Slip on Mufflers as well as the the Fi2000 tuner. I have the tuner at the suggested setting of 1-2-0. I have kept the stock air filter. My issue is that I get very loud "popping"/back firing when decelerating. The scenario when it most happens is when I am cruising...
  7. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Was wondering if there has been any comparisons between the Cobra air intake versus the Kuryakyn. There isn't much difference in price but the Kuryakyn supposedly can be added to.
  8. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Has anyone tried this exhaust? I like the meaner attitude look versus the long sweeping loom of the Cobra.
  9. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Looking for the cobra mini sissy bar for my 2013 sabre.can someone send me a link for one? I need brackets and all. Looking for a NO CUT setup. Thanks
  10. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    I just wanted to put this up incase anyone is looking into getting a cobra sissy bar and/or saddle bag supports. I got mine in today, and I must say they look great. Thanks to everyone who has posted on here about their issues removing and reinstalling the rear fairing, it went like a breeze for...
  11. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Hey guys how's it going? I'm new to the forums but have already found tons of great information to help me out as I customize my bike. I had a quick question about intakes. I have the 2013 vt1300cs sabre, I'm having trouble finding a decent selection of intakes for it. I really like the...
  12. Honda Sabre Forum VT1300CS
    Hey all, Interested in upgrading my stock exhaust on my 2010 Sabre, don't really want to redo the entire exhaust as it is pretty expensive. Found some slip-on exhausts online looking at the Cobra or Vance and Hines slip-ons. Wondering if anyone has installed the Vance and Hines and how do...
  13. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    I want to buy these pipes however I have a few questions: 1. Can I buy the pipes alone and not worry about the air intake and the power module till later? 2. Will i mess up the bike using the pipes alone? 3. Can I go with just the Cobra Fi2000R EFI and no air intake? Buddy of mine has the...
  14. 2010 Stateline

    Cobra Speedster swept pipes, mustang daytripper seat, kuryakyn high five air filter.
  15. For Sale
    Selling a hardly used powerpro. Works great. $400
  16. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    Hello all after several months looking at trunks and trying to find a rear rack without a sissybar I finally just removed the cobra sissy bar and bolted the rear rack to the side supports and then installed a new trunk on top of the Cobra rack. I added 4 u-bolts to hold down the trunk for extra...
1-16 of 16 Results