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  1. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    I need a new battery for my 2011 Interstate. Any suggestions on who makes the best. Any help will be appreciated. -Thanks
  2. Honda Interstate Forum VT1300CT
    Two days after I returned home from my long trip, the bike would not start. Lights all came on, it made sick noises like it wanted to start, then died. Easy to jump start, get home. Pulled the battery, checked it, wont keep a charge, need a new battery, installed a new battery. Ride the...
  3. Honda Stateline Forum VT1300CR
    OK, So I have a 2010 stateline with 1100 miles on her, that i purchased new this year. I have let her sit for a week without riding and she will barely crank over, it will start and run fine, but I get the feeling something is draining my battery. I did install underglow lights right after i...
1-3 of 3 Results